Infrared-Moxa-Device M3, Silberbauer
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    Infrared-Moxa-Device M3, Silberbauer
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    Infrared-Moxa-Device M3, Silberbauer

    Prix Unitaire: €949,00 (Taxes 19 % comprises)


    Moxa therapy without odours!

    For treatment of Acupuncture Points and Points of Pain.

    The Infrared Moxa Device M3 acts effectively beneath the skin without odours, fast and safe.

    The infrared beam goes through the skin and heats deeper layers. If you burn Moxa cigars or Moxa Cones you heat only the skin surface. Acupuncture points in the depth cannot be reached and so not treated (enough). Moreover, using fire poses some danger.

    Possible Applications of the Infrared Moxa Device M3:

    • Diseases triggered by cold
    • Diseases going hand in hand with the feeling of cold (in the TCM: HAN- Diseases)
    • Treatment of joints and spine
    • Diseases going hand in hand with Hypofunction
    • Stomach – Intestinal – Diseases
    • Hyposensibilisation in case of allergies and intolerance of certain food

    The new Reflector Technique in the M3:

    The Infrared Source in the M3 is a halogen bulb driven at lowered voltage which gives a high intensity infrared percentage. It is adjusted in the focus of a special gold-plated reflector in the shape of a rotational ellipsoid. At the other focal point, a quartz glass light conductor is placed and guides the concentrated Infrared Beam. The device is powered by a Medical Standard Wall Adapter.

    UV Filter Technology: the quartz glass of the lamp is enriched with UV absorbing substances and dramatically reduces the high-energy parts of the spectrum (UV-C and UV-B radiation). Moreover, by using a low voltage, the UV generated inside the bulb is nearly zero. This gives double safety for the user.

    Application of the Moxa Device M3 is very easy:


    With two knobs the timer (2 sec. to continuous) and the power (3 steps) can be adjusted; then press the button and the treatment of the point starts:

    Low Power: Place the tip directly at the skin
    Medium Power: operate with constant distance to skin (approx. 1 – 2 cm / 0.4 to 0.8 inch)
    High Power: vary distance to skin periodically (birds pecking technique)

    After reaching the desired temperature or after expiry of the treatment time, release the button and the infrared beam switches off.

    Technical Datas:

    Life time of the lamp: Approx. 10,000 hours
    Mains voltage 100 to 240 volts
    Mains power Approx. 8 watts
    Warranty 36 months
    Dimensions (diameter x length) 20 mm x 190 mm
    Weight Approx. 64 g


    1 ea. Infrared Moxa Device M3
    1 ea. Cabin
    1 ea. Medical Grade Power Supply
    1 ea. Instruction Manual

    1 unit, made in Austria.

    Infrared-Moxa-Device M3, Silberbauer €949,00

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