Biospeed-Cleaner, 10 liter
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    Biospeed-Cleaner, 10 liter
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    Biospeed-Cleaner, 10 liter

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    The Universal Cleaner (concentrate) for all washable surfaces. • As a basic cleaning all washable surfaces (floors, glass, metal, etc.), furniture and textiles. Concentrate: must be diluted depending on the application and pollution (see back page). • Biodegradability • Phosphate-free and schnellnetzend • Use in a spraying or cleaning equipment Biospeed-Cleaner is a concentrate and must demand from 1:10 to 1: be diluted 100th Scope mixing ratio Basic cleaning with light soiling to 1:100 (10ml/Liter) And medium soiling to 1:50 (20ml/Liter) or when heavily soiled to 1:20 (50 ml / liter) Metal surfaces to 1:30 (30ml/Liter) Stains on textiles * up to 1:50 (50 ml / liter) Workshops, machinery, greasy floors ** 1:10 (100ml/Liter) to 1:30 (30ml/Liter) * For textiles, the mixing ratio of 1:50, not less, in order to avoid structural damage. Depending on the degree of contamination, the mixing ratio can change. ** For especially oily dirt we recommend our special workshop cleaner Biospeed WMP 100

    Biospeed-Cleaner, 10 liter €42,90

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