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    TINNImed II laser system
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    TINNImed II laser system

    Prix Unitaire: €695,00 (Taxes 19 % comprises)


    The irradiation with laser light is a complementary therapy methods for the treatment of the inner ear. The TINNImed® II transmits the laser light directly into the ear via an earpiece. The wavelength of the laser light is chosen in order that an optimal penetration of the laser light results and the full light energy is available. The performance of the TINNImed® II is so calculated with a treatment time of 20 minutes per ear. The necessary energy density 2-4 J / cm2 is achieved at the cochlea in order to perform an optimal treatment.

    Tinnitus Laser Therapy

    The TINNImed® II consists of a control unit and an earpiece. Optionally, you can also purchase a second ear piece in order to irradiate both ears simultaneously. To ensure an optimum integration into the ear canal, ear plugs are available in different sizes.


    Concomitant treatment of both ears (optional)

    without disturbing the earloop

    adapts to each ear canal, through different earplug sizes

    very light and high-quality aluminum construction of the ear part

    high wearing comfort

    no goggles required


    easy to use


    integrated timing

    battery monitoring

    standard batteries (AAA)

    no side effects


    Technical specifications:

    Operating voltage: 3 VDC by 2  Alkaline AAA batteries LR03 (1.5V)

    Red light laser diode in the visible light range

    Wavelength: 650 nm

    Laser power: 5mW, divergent continuous beam

    Laser protection class: 1M

    Medical Equipment class:. II a

    Divergence angle of the laser beam: 60 ° (no focussing)


    1.) A second earpiece allows you can irradiate both ears simultaneously. The control unit of TINNImed® II allows to connect the second earpiece.

    2.) Spare earbuds in different sizes.

    TINNImed 2 laser with 1 earpiece, 1 unit €695,00

    Earpiece for TINNImed, 1 pc €199,00

    Earbud 9mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €25,90

    Earbud 11mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €25,90

    Earbud 12.5mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €25,90

    Earbud 6mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €29,90

    Earbud 7.4mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €29,90

    Earbud 10mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €29,90

    Earbud 15mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €29,90

    Earbud 18mm for TINNImed, 10 pcs €29,90

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