AWQ-105 Pro Acupuncture Stimulator
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    AWQ-105 Pro Acupuncture Stimulator
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    AWQ-105 Pro Acupuncture Stimulator

    Prix Unitaire: €329,00 (Taxes 19 % comprises)


    is a professional, brand new unit with 5 channels. It comes up with a modern design and inherits the features of AWQ-series acupunctoscope. This professional unit provides multiple functions and features, which are essential in daily acupuncture practice.

    Features & Advantages:
    # 5 outputs (including an output exclusively for the use of search/stimulation probe for point detection and immediate stimulation.)
    # Frequency and Pulse Width are adjustable & separated into two groups, Group 1 for Ch 1 & 2 , and Group 2 for Ch 3 & 4. (Instead of one Frequency and one Pulse Width for all channels)
    # 2 large LCD (each measures 15X30 mm) for displaying precise frequency of each group, and one LCD (15x30 mm) for showing sensitivity during acup-point detection. This LCD also displays the frequency (fixed at 10 Hz) during direct stimulation by the search/stimulation probe.
    # 3 different Mode; Cont (continuous), Modulate and Burst.
    # High & Low selection of output. X1 and X5 (multiplier) of pulse rate and width adjustments.
    # Timer selection for different period of treatment session. Continuous, 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
    # Buzzer ON/OFF, for sound control during point detection.
    # Steady output intensity increment control, no cross over, and no interference between each output.
    # Music for timer alert and error warning.

    Technical specifications:
    Output channel : 5 Channels (including one channel for APD/STIM)
    . Normal Output channels APD/STIM output channel
    Output Voltage Hi : 0 - 22.5V
    Low : 0 - 10V 0 - 40 V
    Output Current Hi : 0 - 45 mA
    Low : 0 - 20 mA 0 - 80 mA
    Pulse width X1 : 50 - 500 gS adj.
    X5 : 10 - 100 gS adj. 260 gS (fixed)
    Pulse Rate X1 : 1 - 100 Hz. Adj.
    X5 : 5 - 500 Hz. Adj. 10 Hz (fixed)

    APD & Stim mode : LED lights up in Stim mode, and is flashing when Stim button is pressed.
    Waveform : Biphasic Square Wave with a negative spike
    Pulse width : 50 -500 gS adjustable, when in X1 position
    10 -100 gS adjustable, when in X5 position
    Pulse Rate : 1-100 Hz, adjustable, when in X1 position
    5-500 Hz, adjustable, when in X5 position
    Mode : Constant - pulse rate and width are adjustable from 1-100 Hz, & 50-500 gS respectively at X1 position, and from 5-500 Hz, & 10-100 gS respectively at X5 position,
    Modulation - Preset Pulse Rate and width ramp up and down for 6 seconds per one cycle
    Burst - Preset Pulse Rate and width 3 seconds; 3 seconds
    Timer : Cont ; 15 min; 30 min
    Display : 3 LCD, each measure 15x30 mm
    Low battery lamp : The LED lights when voltage drops to 7V
    Power supply : C Size batteries x 6 pcs
    Or DC 9V adaptor (optional)
    DC Power Jack : 6.3mm x 2mm centre pin.
    Output socket : 1.5mm diameter socket.
    Error LED : Red LED lights up & buzzer sounds when turn ON the unit without reset all previous channels setting to zero output. The unit resumes work after reset all channels to zero position.

    Contents and Accessories:

    AWQ-105 PRO unit 1 pc.
    Search / Stimulation Probe 1 pc.
    Connecting wires (4 colors) 4 pcs.
    Pin lead to alligator clip adaptor 4 prs.
    DC 1.5V C size battery 4 pcs.
    Instruction manual 1 pc.

    AWQ-105 Pro Acupuncture Stimulator €329,00

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