Shiunko cream, Japan, 5g
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    Shiunko cream, Japan, 5g
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    Shiunko cream, Japan, 5g

    Prix Unitaire: €14,90 (Taxes 19 % comprises)


    Moxa paste for the rice grain technique

    The so-called Shiunko paste in the original recipe is not available for sales in Europe due to certain ingredients. Our moxa paste represents a very good alternative to be used in the same application.

    The moxa paste facilitates the application of the rice grain and also serves as a preventative ointment for burns.

    made in Japan

    Quantity: 5g

    Ingredients: sesame oil, beeswax, moxa essence, Angelica Acutiloba, no fragrance and no preservatives.

    Shiunko cream, Japan, 5g €14,90

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