Rotary cupping set, 12 pcs
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    Rotary cupping set, 12 pcs
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    Rotary cupping set, 12 pcs

    Prix Unitaire: €24,90 (Taxes 19 % comprises)
    Quantité Prix Unitaire
    1 - 3€24,90
    4 - 7€20,90
    8 - 40€18,90

    Nombre de Sets dans l'emballage1

    Each cup able to create its own suction. This eliminates the need for hand pumps, tubes, and the inconvenience of having to connect the pump to each cup during treatment. It is easy to use. Just place the cup on the skin and turn the knob clockwise to create and adjust suction. The plastic is strong, durable, and safe. Rounded edges make the cups comfortable on the skin with a tight seal. The clear cups allow easy viewing of the treatment area.

    Each set contains 12 cups with the following approximate sizes:  2 x 3 cm, 2 x 3.5 cm, 2 x 4 cm, 2 x 5 cm, 2 x 6 cm, 2 x 7 cm.

    material: ABS plastic.

    color: clear/transparent

    made in China by YFC

    Rotary cupping set, 12 pcs €24,90

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