Cuppings with Olive & Ball, Borosil Glass, Germany
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    Cuppings with Olive & Ball, Borosil Glass, Germany
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    Cuppings with Olive & Ball, Borosil Glass, Germany

    Prix Unitaire: €7,99 (Taxes 19 % comprises)
    Quantité Prix Unitaire
    1 - 4€7,99
    5 - 9€6,99
    10 - 50€5,99

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    These high quality cupping glasses are handmade in Germany. They are mouth blown and hand shaped. They are suitable for fire-free, professional, medical cupping. The cupping glass is made of Borosil glass, which is easy to clean (e.g. in the dishwasher) and allows for an easy disinfecting!


    Attention: 5 pcs mininmum order quantity per size with 1 - 2 weeks delivery time for the special cupping sizes Ø 1.5cm, Ø 4.5cm, Ø 5.5cm and Ø 7.0cm.


    The cupping glass ball is simple to use:

    - put the glass to the desired part of the body.

    - squeeze the ball, so that the air escapes.

    - release the ball.

    The air retracts into the ball, the glass creates a vacuum, which affects the skin area.

    Slight variations in size are possible. The removable suction ball is made of medical grade PVC, physiologically unobjectionable, cadmium-free, completely reusable.


    CE marked, made in Germany.

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 1.0cm),1 pc €7,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 1.5cm),1 pc €7,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 2.0cm),1 pc €7,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 2.5cm),1 pc €7,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 3.0cm),1 pc €7,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 3.5cm),1 pc €7,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 4.0cm),1 pc €8,49

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 4.5cm),1 pc €8,49

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 5.0cm),1 pc €8,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 5.5cm),1 pc €8,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 6.0cm),1 pc €8,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 6.5cm),1 pc €8,99

    Cuppings with ball (Ø 7.0cm),1 pc €9,99

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