TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, single head
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    TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, single head
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    TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, single head

    Price: €279,00 (including 19 % tax)


    Delivery to Switzerland & Norway: 50€ extra cost in more due to heavy package.


    TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, single head

    The TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp combines Western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine. It emits special electromagnetic waves (in Chinese Teding Diancibo Pu, "TDP") when a special mineral plate coated with about 33 different minerals is heated up to about 280 degrees Celsius. It generates not only a pleasant and soothing heat but also influences the energy flow in the meridians throughout the body. Often it is used in combination with acupuncture or as a substitute for moxibustion.

    Application of the TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp:

    The effect is based on the traditional Chinese medicine, which assumes that energy (Qi) flows through channels (meridians) spread across the entire human body. This natural energy flow can be disrupted by injury, inflammation, lack of vital substances in the body, by the absence of exercise, by a poor body posture, etc.. The use of the TDP-lamp can help to lift these energy blockages in the meridians and thus:

    - relieves pain e.g. in muscles or nerves, caused arthritis or migraine, etc. (main application)

    - supports the healing process due to inflammation and skin diseases,

    - invigorates the immune system

    - promotes the production of biochemicals and metabolic stimulants.

    - regulates physiological deficiency

    The treatment usually consists of a bare skin exposure in the affected area with the lamp positioned about 30-50 cm from the body. The time of the treatment is typically 15–30 minutes (not longer than 45 min.), 1 or 2 times a day, for 7–10 days. In literature there are charts available which suggest easy to follow guidelines for use. The patient should feel the warmth but the distance of the lamp to the skin should avoid scalding.


    • with 1 IR heating head including 1 mineral plate
    • diameter of the mineral plate: 16,6 cm
    • usage time mineral plate: replacement after about 1.000 hours
    • digital timer
    • height adjustable vertical pole, spring arm
    • rolling base
    • approved by TÜV SÜD as medical produced and CE-marked
    • voltage: 220 V (German electrical plug)
    • power consumption: 250 W
    • wave length of the infrared radiation: 2-25 mikrometer
    • spare parts: replacement mineral plate is supplied upon request
    • shipping unit: 1 lamp with German, English and Chinese instructions for use.

    TDP-minerals infrared healing lamp, single head €279,00

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