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    Sound massage products

    Western esoteric circles attributes countless preventive and curative effects to the sound of the singing bowls and Sound Gongs.These singing bowls are placed on the body and struck with a mallet. The Peter Hess® high quality singing bowls have been developped during 20 years of experience with sound massage, sound massage-therapy and sound pedagogics. They are especially designed with sound massage and therapy in mind. Depending on the body part it is used for, the bowls reach a specific range of sounds.

    Find out more about singing bowls
    Singing bowls oringate in the Eastern culture in Japan, China, Thailand and the Himalayas. They are similar to bells, which are struck from the outside. The existence of singing bowls can be traced back as far as such as metals were processed by human mankind. The clay gives form and the sound of harmony and health is a basic need of mankind. Most bowls were applied in meditation. The tone targets inner clarity.
    The Peter Hess high quality singing bowls are made via the experience gained since 1984 with the development of the Peter Hess-sound massage, sound therapy and sound pedagogy. The have been constantly evolving. Thus a control system for the progressive development of the singing bowls was set-up. This includes the specific production conditions in India and Nepal. Fair trade and other positive aspects of manufacturing conditions must be met. Permanent controls and further studies and research in Germany contribute to the continuous improvement. The research of scientists Drs Halina and Marek Potalski at the Academy in Poznan / Poland show that oscillatory behavior and the frequency spectrum optimally match their application. No other bowls are manufactured according to such criteria. Our bowls find their professional application in the areas of recreation and health care, education, counseling, therapy and in medicinal and curative sector professions.

    Metal composition and quality
    Until recent years, we have made ​​the singing bowls in the traditional composition based on our experience and research. The composition and the manufacturing process in terms of sound and vibration behavior were always improved. It is very important that the metal composition is strictly observed and consists solely of pure metals. The tradition of the old bowls is heeded because part of an old singing bowl is added to each melt
    of the traditional 12 metals. These old singing bowls contain up to twelve metals, partly in homeopathic potency, which have an important significance in the ancient healing essence of Ayurveda and Alchemy. For optimum sound and vibration behavior a particular alloy of bronze is important. The alloy is poured into a thick disk. In a hot state 4 to 5 artisans
    make the singing bowl
    with a weight of about two kilograms during about 32 hours. One of our engineers in northern India and "Tamraka" constantly monitors the manufacturing of the singing bowl - supported by the old knowledge of metals in Nepal. There are also regular electronic controls and frequency analyzes. Only the best and most suitable therapy singing bowls receive the Predicate "Peter Hess ® therapy singing bowls".

    Production of Singing Bowls
    The melt is prepared from pure metals. The exact composition of the alloy is very important. First a thick disk is cast. The weight of the wheel is slightly higher than that of the singing bowl which should be produced. The singing bowl is forged in a hot state. Depending on the size of the singing bowl it is heated 20 to 90 times. Four to six skilled craftsmen forge the singing bowl
    in perfect rhythm. The shape of the Singing Bowl is already recognizable. After each annealing process it is driven higher and higher. Recent refinements in the form of a singing bowl can be achieved by special forging techniques. Repeated annealing and quenching the singing bowl to a quite cool state is done. Due to the manual bowl scraping and cleaning it gets its shiny surface.

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