Zhoulin WS-311 Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device
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    Zhoulin WS-311 Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device
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    Zhoulin WS-311 Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device

    Price: €549,00 (including 19 % tax)


    The Zhou Lin Bio-Spectrum Treatment Devices are physiotherapeutic apparatuses of electromagnetic irradiation with a wide spectrums. The main energy zone is located in the infrared band (major resource) and extends to microwave (very weak). It corresponds well with human body's natural frequency spectrum, resulting in energy absorption and temperature increase in the body. These precious effects stimulate blood circulation, restores and maintains one's physical and biological balance. The device also affects traditional Chinese acupoints of the body through direct irradiating by which beneficial physical and biological effects can be achieved.

    Specifications WS-311: counter-top model, power: 230V, 50Hz - 60Hz, 160 W; Main spectrum range:0.5 - 24µm, including to weak millimeter wave, life of generator: > 5000 hours, net weight: 1.4 kg.

    It is equipped with overheat protection and 360° rotation. It can be positioned horizontally on any counter top according to needs. You may place it on the floor for the sake of the sole, on desk for the face and head, and even on your lap for the abdomen. Automatic maintenance of temperature. Automatic electricity cut-off protection.



    Clinical Result


    promote the blood circulation, accelerate absorption of inflammatory exudation,
    block the transmission of the pain message
    Diminish inflammation, relieve spasm and pain, alleviate the symptoms
    wound recovery

    alleviate circulatory disturbance, regulate vegetative nerve function, accelerate metabolism

    relieve pain, diminish inflammation, reduce swelling, decrease exudation, quicken wound healing
    herpes zoster

    improve immunity and microcirculation

    ease pain, accelerate absorption of the herpes zoster and the scab formation

    chronic gastritis

    generate endo-thermal effect, activate the cells, revitalize the tissues, accelerate the cell growth, provide auxiliary therapeutic effect

    shorten time of treatment and accelerate recovery when used with medicine


    Zhoulin WS-311 Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device €549,00

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