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    schwa-medico Pointoselect digital DT & electrostimulator
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    schwa-medico Pointoselect digital DT & electrostimulator

    Price: €499,00 (including 19 % tax)
    Number Stücks in packaging:1

    schwa-medico Point finder with automatic and manual point search and integreated electrostimulator

    An exact acupuncture point detector - also called acupuncture point searcher - is indispensable for localizing pathologically changed acupuncture points on the ear and body. This ideal point searcher provides sophisticated electronics on one hand and perfectly working mechanics on the other hand.

    The new digital Pointoselect Digital DT combines digital technology with schwa-medico´s proven sensors and allows electrical “PuTens” stimulation. Frequency, pulse width and intensity can be set up by the acupuncturist at his/her convenience. Pointoselect Digital DT further includes freqnencies after Dr. Bahr and Dr. Nogier.

    Pointoselect digital DT offers the possibilty to switch between body acupuncture points and ear acupuncture points. For the ear acupuncture points you can further choose searching for gold or silver acupuncture points.

    Locating acupuncture points
    The conductivity of the skin on an acupuncture point differs markedly from that of the surrounding skin and hence enables acupuncture points to be located by measuring skin conductivity. The extent of this difference is used as an approximation of the significance and state of an acupuncture point.

    Gold/silver points
    Depending on their energy levels, the acupuncture points located on the ear can be divided into gold and silver points. Gold points are areas that have insufficient energy and require stimulation, i.e. treatment with a golden needle; silver points have too much energy and require treatment with a silver needle. The LED on the handle of the Pointoselect helps practitioners to differentiate between the different types of acupuncture points by lighting up in different colours (green = gold point; yellow = silver point) and issuing different sounds (continuous sound = gold point; beep = silver point).

    Automatic measurements
    The reference voltage is changed automatically until it is below the values measured by the inner and outer sensors (bar graph on the display). The changed reference voltage is shown as a bar graph and as a numerical value in the bottom right hand corner of the display. Every reference voltage is allocated a particular pitch of sound for easy recognition.

    Manual measurements
    The reference voltage is adjusted manually using the + and - buttons on the handle or the left + - on the handle until it is below the values measured by the inner and outer sensor. The pitch of the sound signal is changed depending on the particular reference voltage and changes to the interval between sound signals are intended to help differentiate between gold and silver points when working on points located on the ear.

    Therapy function
    Following the detection of a particular acupuncture point, the Pointoselect digital enables that point to be treated immediately by stimulating it electrically. This needleless “electropuncture” enables acupuncture points to be stimulated or sedated by varying the frequencies and intensity levels of the stimulation function. The direction of the current is of no great importance with regard to this. Stimulation is always achieved using low frequencies (e.g. 2 Hz) and/or lower intensity levels or pulse durations; sedation is achieved using higher frequencies (e.g. 100 H) and/or higher levels of intensity or pulse durations.

    Special frequency ranges
    The Pointoselect digital has also been designed to work at the frequency ranges according to Nogier, Bahr and/or Reininger. Information regarding the differentiated application of these frequencies can be obtained from the DAAAM (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur und Aurikulomedizin: www.akupunktur-arzt.de (German Accademy for Accupuncture and Auriculotherapy)) or the EAA (European Accademy for Accupuncture: www.eatcm.de).

    The Pointoselect Digital DT has 3 modes:

    • Automatic measurement
    • Manual measurement
    • Edit mode for the stimulation.

    Technical Data:

    Pulse width (Stimulator) 60 - 120 µs
    Wave type positive rectangle with negative part
    Frequency (Stimulator) 2 - 128 Hz
    Output ~ 17 / 30 mA (without / with accustic signal)
    Output (Stimulator) ~ 22 mA (no load resistance)
    Power supply 9 V - compound battery
    Output power (Stimulator) 200 V (with 20 kOhm real)
    Dimensions 59 x 114 x 29 mm
    Weight ~ 230 g
    Art.-No. 200506

    schwa-medico Pointoselect digital DT & electrostimulator €499,00

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