Agistim Duo acupuncture needle stimulator, 4 channels, 1 pc
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    Agistim Duo acupuncture needle stimulator, 4 channels, 1 pc
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    Agistim Duo acupuncture needle stimulator, 4 channels, 1 pc

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    Acupuncture needle stimulator and electrodes. DESCRIPTION The duo AGISTIM is an electrical stimulator with 4 channels and with many adjustment possibilities for both the pulse frequency and for the transmission mode or intensity. - Pulse frequency: free adjustable frequency range from 1 to 99 Hz or selection of stored Nogier frequencies. - Transmission mode: choice of 8 different modes: rest time, frequency sweep, alternately transmit on channels. - Intensity: The intensity adjustment is continuous, independently on each channel. The DUO AGISTIM is equivalent to 2 stimulators in one single device. The 4 outputs working 2 by 2, providing opportunities for different settings. A timer is available to automatically stop the treatment. The AGISTIM duo can be connected to the mains power supply through a dual remote electrical insulation. INDICATIONS - In electroacupuncture: faster processing than the needles used alone. - In neurostimulation: stimulation of nerve fibers with the electrodes. - In analgesia endorphin release depending on selected frequency. - In electrolipolysis: effective reduction of localized lipodystrophy with suitable needles. WARNINGS, CONTRAINDICATIONS • disorders not associated with acupuncture treatment. • Always disinfect the skin before placing the needles. Only use disposable sterile needles. Place electrodes on healthy skin. • Take precautions for treating pregnant women and patients with hemophilia or anticoagulants. • Do not use in patients with an implanted electronic device (pacemaker ...). INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1 - place needles or electrode connectors on the outputs of the duo AGISTIM 2 - connect needles or electrodes 3 - turn the timer set pacemaker and processing time (1-60 minutes) 4 - choose the pacing mode from the proposed 8 5 - adjust the frequency channel pair: 1 Hz to 99 Hz or 7 Nogier frequencies 6 - The treatment starts when one adjusts the intensity of each channel. The duo AGISTIM offers maximum security. The process parameters are always visible on the display screen. An integrated autonomous security system stops the machine if the frequency or intensity of the currents exceed the maximum values. BOOK in CARRYING CASE with: - 4 stimulation electrodes diameter 30 mm - 2 electrode connectors (white-gray) - 4 pins connectors (various colors) - 1 test box - 1 power pack 230 V or 120 V - 1 manual OPTIONS - Doubler outputs: "Needle Module 4" - The lipolysis kit: set of four "4 Needle Module" for connecting needles 16 instead of 8. - The STYL Module: stimulation point electrode being fixed on one of the outputs of Duo AGISTIM - The battery pack: Nickel-cadmium battery - 6 hours of battery CHARACTERISTICS Generator Type: AC pulsed power generator with zero mean Pulse: asymmetric rectangular pulse duration: 0.5 ms pulse amplitude: set independently for each channel between 0 to 12 mA effective maximum intensity per channel: 4 mA pulse frequency: Hz 1-99 (Steps of 0.1 Hz 1 9.9 Hz and 1Hz step 10 to 99 Hz) Nogier frequencies or planned: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - U stimulation modes: 2 groups of 2 channels - continued - Short rest periods - Long rest time - Frequency sweep Power supply Consumption: 6.5 VA Dimensions: 60 x 230 x 300 mm Weight: 1270 g CE0123 marked

    Agistim Duo acupuncture needle stimulator, 4 channels, 1 pc €1 779,00

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