Hwato SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator
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    Hwato SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator
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    Hwato SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator

    Price: €139,00 (including 19 % tax)


    Acupuncture Nerve and Muscle Stimulator for applying low frequency pulse to stimulate the points.

    Features include:
    Six (6) output channels
    New IC circuity, no cross over, no interference.
    Continuous, intermittent, and dense-disperse (modulated) wave forms.
    Adjustable frequency : 1 ~ 100 Hz .
    Durable alligator clip wires.
    Timer 0 ~ 60 minutes.
    Output safety alert - all outputs must be turned off before power on the unit.

    Technical Specifications:

    Channel 6 outputs
    Output Pulse Amplitude 0 ~ 50V (on 500 ohm load), adjustable
    Pulse frequency Continuous wave : 1 ~ 100 Hz, adjustable

    Intermittent wave: continuous wave

    Frequency adjustable in 1~100 Hz, break-wave time is 5 seconds, continuous
    Wave time is 15 seconds.
    Dense-disperse wave: spacing wave frequency is 1/5 of density frequency,
    Density wave frequency adjustable in 5~100 Hz.
    Pulse width 1 ms
    Pulse wave un-symmetry two-direction pulse wave.
    Wave form adjustable, dense-disperse, and intermittent
    Power Source DC 9V (CR14, UM2), or AC adaptor
    Output Jack 3.5 mm diameter jack
    Unit Dimensions 260 x 190 x 110 (mm) 


    • 6 pieces of output electrode wires
    • 6 pairs of self-adhesive electrode ( size: 50mm X 50mm )
    • 6 pairs of Filiform needle-electrode (Metal Clamps), ( size: < or = 28mm)
    • 1 English-Chinese User Manual
    • 1 certificate of product quality conformity
    • 1 unit AC/DC Adapter (batteries are not supplied)

    CE certified. Made by Hwato in China.

    Hwato SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator €139,00

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