CBs-Type TeWa acupuncture needles, non-coated
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    CBs-Type TeWa acupuncture needles, non-coated
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    CBs-Type TeWa acupuncture needles, non-coated

    Price: €4,29 (including 19 % tax)
    Quantity Price
    1 - 9€4,29
    10 - 49€3,99
    50 - 99€3,89
    100 - 1000€3,69


    Non-coated CBs-Type TeWa acupuncture needles without guide tube, 1 needle/blister, copper coil loop-end handle, Chinese style, 100 pcs/box. (Attention: higher penetration resistance into the skin and more pain for the patient compared to standard coated needles.)

    The above prices depending on the total order quantity within this subgroup are applied.

    TeWa CB2015(s), uncoated, 0.20x15mm, copper handel, 100pcs/box €4,29

    TeWa CB2525(s), uncoated, 0.25x25mm, copper handel, 100pcs/box €4,29

    TeWa CB2530(s), uncoated, 0.25x30mm, copper handel, 100pcs/box €4,29

    TeWa CB3030(s), uncoated, 0.30x30mm, copper handel, 100pcs/box €4,29

    TeWa CB3040(s), uncoated, 0.30x40mm, copper handel, 100pcs/box €4,29

    TeWa CB2540(s), uncoated, 0.25x40mm, copper handel, 100pcs/box €4,29

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