OTOSAN Ear Cone XL, 60 pcs/box
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    OTOSAN Ear Cone XL, 60 pcs/box
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    OTOSAN Ear Cone XL, 60 pcs/box

    Price: €155,00 (including 19 % tax)
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    OTOSAN cone for natural ear care consists of:

    1. Natural cloth 100% cotton. The utilisation of natural fibres offers great reliability and safety during the therapy combustion proceeding.
    2. White paraffin wax, completely refined, that allows a slow and continuous combustion of the product.
    3. Natural bees-wax, with great emollient power. The smoke produced by the OTOSAN cone combustion penetrates inside the ear canal, softening the cerumen and the impurities.
    4. Natural Propolis, to reinforce the defences protecting the ears from external agents.
    5. Protection disc made of board with aluminium sheet, to protect the hair during the treatment.
    6. Flame-Breaking ring. It is an aluminium ring which stops the cone combustion at the right depth, making its utilisation simpler and safer.
    7. Drop - Stop device. It is a new exclusive patented device which, fitted into the cone, increases the suction effect and prevents any dripping into the ear, for maximum efficiency and safety.
    8. Comfy device. It is a new exclusive patented device, which makes the application of the cone more delicate and agreeable. Comfy ensures the correct positioning at the correct deepness on the auricular channel, and concentrate the effect maximizing the efficacy.

    The described OTOSAN cone, introduced superficially into the ear and lit on its upper part, burning develops two different effects:

    A. the HEAT, which penetrates inside the ear softly and beneficially, reinforces the vascularization, activates the immunologic system and improves the ear wax softening. Furthermore, it stimulates the acupuncture points and activates an energetic vitalisation of the reflex areas;

    B. the DEPRESSION adjusts the pressure of the side cavities and clears the obstructed pores, regenerating the skin-respiration. Thanks to the so-called “chimney effect” and the heat, favours the elimination of wastes and deposits from the ear.

    Because of the locally developed heat effect and pressure adjustment, the OTOSAN cone is recommended for the following ailments:
    - headaches and earaches
    - auditory phenomena, such as “buzzing” or “hissing”
    - tinnitus
    - migraines
    - sinusitis
    - child and adult otalgia
    - cold
    - ear troubles due to mountain stay, air flights, etc.
    - activation of the energy flux and of the circulation.

    This preventive Otosan hygienic practice gives a feeling of well-being and relief from the very first application.

    Content per article: 60 pcs Otosan XL ear candles with filter and flame retardant ring per box.  Pairs of candles with a protective disc and 2 comfy® applicators are separately packaged in a transparent bag.

    OTOSAN Ear Cone XL, 60 pcs/box €155,00

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