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    Vitacell Softlaser 650 nm, 1 unit
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    Vitacell Softlaser 650 nm, 1 unit

    Prezzo: €369,00 (incluso 19 % I.V.A.)


    Treatment with the Vitacell is completely safe and painless.

    Thanks to the handy pocket format the use of Vitacell is possible everywhere.

    The soft laser therapy is used in a variety of applications with different symptoms.

    Technical specifications:
    3V DC, 2 x LR1 standard batteries (1.5V)
    Red light laser diode in the visible range,
    Wavelength 650 nm
    Laser Power: less than 5mW, continuous beam,

    Laser protection class 2M
    Med. Equipment class IIa
    Weight: 101 g
    Length: 14.5 cm

    * The Soft Laser Therapy (LLL) therapy is an alternative medicine attributable complementary therapies. The statements made herein are not yet generally accepted in scientific communities.

    Vitacell Softlaser 650 nm, 1 unit €369,00

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