Sprint Mobile Laser 150mW infrared eye
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    Sprint Mobile Laser 150mW infrared eye
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    Sprint Mobile Laser 150mW infrared eye

    Prezzo: €2 725,00 (incluso 19 % I.V.A.)


    R & J, Soft Laser class 3B, 150mW, 810nm, infrared, continuous beam, automatic timer 40 seconds, 10-Hz alpha frequency, 2 glasses

    Power injection at your fingertips

    The handylaser sprint is characterized by its ease of use, ergonomic design and various attachments (dental applicator, lens, fiber optics, etc.) make it a robust and versatile lasers

    Select with a finger:

    continuous beam

    automatio shear-timer 40 seconds

    10 Hz Alpha frequency

    audible sound signal as a time control

    The sprint is handylaser the ideal compact laser.

    The sprint is handylaser supplied with high quality NiMH batteries and has a battery life of 2-3 hours and short loading time. You can also use standard batteries or rechargeable batteries. Standard configuration: 785nm/50 mW or 810 mW and 50 nm/150 nm mW/655

    Optional: Removable dental applicators, dot paper.

    Supplied in aluminum case including laser goggles.

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