Painmate Pen, 1 unit
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    Painmate Pen, 1 unit
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    Painmate Pen, 1 unit

    Prezzo: €39,90 (incluso 19 % I.V.A.)


    The Painmate® Pen Is ideal in the treatment of:
    • headaches, migraines and depression
    • sensation of hunger while losing weight
    • Sport pain z. B. tennis
    • phantom pain after amputation
    • Chronic pain and tension

    Nerve Stimulator
    Targeted by the piezoelectric effect. Stimulation of pain points with a small electrical pulse.
    Small, lightweight and portable.
    PAINMATE® Pen works without drugs, without batteries or electricity.

    To be used on its own or in combination with cross tape.

    Put the pen directly on the painful area. "Click" now 10 times. Repeat the treatment several times a day.
    Mode of operation:
    The effect of the TNS method is explained by the fact that the electrical impulse stimulates the nerves that lead to the pain center in the brain. Here, the body's own endorphins (morphine-like substances) are activated, which block pain transmission.
    We point out that in many traditional and alternative healing methods at present are not yet available scientific evidence of efficacy according to western standard test method. For the preceding information, we are obliged, because after the existing drug advertising law in Germany no salvation statements regarding dietary supplements and other natural resources must be made, even if they would heal.

    Total length: approximately 125 mm
    Diameter ca. 20 mm
    Weight: only 40 g

    Painmate Pen, 1 unit €39,90

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