Gong rack "harmony", small, 1 pc
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    Gong rack "harmony", small, 1 pc
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    Gong rack "harmony", small, 1 pc

    Prezzo: €199,00 (incluso 19 % I.V.A.)
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    After many customers have been asking for an alternative rack without a cross-beam at the base, we are happy to present you a new model. This new harmonious form with a rounded top is made up of only 3 easy-to-mount pieces, so it is very easy to be assembled and disassembled.

    The gong racks are made of massive beech and are waxed to keep the surface smooth and resistant.

    This gong rack is ideal for smaller FEN- and TAM TAM-gongs up to Ø 60 cm.
    Suited very well for aura work in sound massage.

    size: height: 97 cm x width (top) 72 cm / width (base) 85 cm.

    Gong rack "harmony", small, 1 pc €199,00

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