Suction lifter Joya, 1 pc
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    Suction lifter Joya, 1 pc
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    Suction lifter Joya, 1 pc

    Prezzo: €40,00 (incluso 19 % I.V.A.)
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    A beautiful, ergonomic singing bowl lifter made ​​of cherry wood with a suction cup diameter of 7.5 cm. It is made of a transparent rubber material. The Joya-singing bowl handle fits comfortably in your hand and can be attached safely by a sucker on the ground of a singing bowl. Via the release latch it is removed just as easily. With the help of suck lifters singing bowls can be safely and easily moved across the body and guided.

    The Joya Suction lifter is well suited for joint / universal trays and bowls heart.

    Important: the singing bowl must be absolutely dust-free
    for the maximum adhesion!

    Suction lifter Joya, 1 pc €40,00

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