Aku-Wave 4 Photonic Satellite laser surface
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    Aku-Wave 4 Photonic Satellite laser surface
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    Aku-Wave 4 Photonic Satellite laser surface

    Precio: €6 995,00 (19 % IVA Incluído)


    Infra-red laser to acupuncture Wave 4 at 500 nm + 150 mW/810 mW/638 nm, 34cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 9cm (H)

    Photonic Satellite - the compact surface of universal positioning capability with laser acupuncture for the Wave 4

    Photonic satellite from the Aku-Wave 4 is a  base unit controlled scanner with 500 nm mW/810 + 150 nm mW/638 performance and inches with the amazing dimensions of only about 34 cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 9 ( H).

    All functions of
    the Photonic Wave 4 satellite acupuncture points are at your fingertips. He is just such a probe is connected to one of the two laser outputs the Aku Wave 4. You can use a laser probe (point / area) with the Photonic satellite simultaneously, eg to perform a simultaneous power steering on ear points.

    The Photonic Satellite was primarily designed for surface irradiation. It easily irradiates a larger surface and transfer the high energy very efficiently and quickly.

    The compact design provides a comfortable working, fast, accurate and comprehensive. For in spite of the high performance and extensive features, the Satellite Photonic extremely flexible and fits anywhere. It is portable and can even be installed in small cabins.

    With the help of the new multi-jointed tripod can be of Photonic Satellite adjusted to any position. He is perfectly positioned to be rotated and individually at different angles.

    Each body part can be easily achieved. The precise positioning also improves the energy transfer significantly, since interfering reflections are avoided.

    The versatile tripod

    The Photonic Satellite allows an almost unlimited range of vibrant areas, it is easily and quickly adjust.

    Of particular importance is the stimulating right turning spin of the beam (see Tonisation in acupuncture, etc.) for an additional energetic information. Choose according to body part / shape, meridian progression.

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