Silicone cupping, 1 pc
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    Silicone cupping, 1 pc
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    Silicone cupping, 1 pc

    Precio: €2,89 (19 % IVA Incluído)
    Cantidad Precio
    1 - 4€2,89
    5 - 9€2,39
    10 - 100€1,89

    Numero Stücks en paquete:1

    These flexible cups are made of transparent silicone with a wide bead. There are 4 sizes with a diameter from 1cm to 5cm to choose from.

    extra small size: inner diameter 0.7cm, outside diameter 1.5cm, height 5cm
    small size: inside diameter 2cm, outside diameter 3.8cm, height 8cm
    medium size: inside diameter 3.5cm, outside diameter 5.5cm, height 5.5cm
    large size: inside diameter 4.5cm, outside diameter 7.0cm, height 8cm

    The size details refer to the inner diameter.


    Silicone cupping, Ø 0.7cm, 1 pc €1,99

    Silicone cupping, Ø 2.0cm, 1 pc €2,39

    Silicone cupping, Ø 3.5cm, 1 pc €3,09

    Silicone cupping, Ø 4.5cm, 1 pc €4,89

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