Zhoulin WS-111 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device
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    Zhoulin WS-111 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device
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    Zhoulin WS-111 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device

    Price: €1 099,00 (including 19 % tax)


    The Zhou Lin Bio-Spectrum Treatment Devices are physiotherapeutic apparatuses of electromagnetic irradiation with a wide spectrums. The main energy zone is located in the infrared band (major resource) and extends to microwave (very weak). It corresponds well with human body's natural frequency spectrum, resulting in energy absorption and temperature increase in the body. These precious effects stimulate blood circulation, restores and maintains one's physical and biological balance. The device also affects traditional Chinese acupoints of the body through direct irradiating by which beneficial physical and biological effects can be achieved.

    Specifications WS-111: Power: 230 V ~, 50 Hz, 160 W; life of generator: > 5000 hours, Timer range: 0~60 min; Surface temperature of irradiators: ≥180 C; Weight: 9.5 kg; Size: 642×452×140 mm

    Indications: Promotes the blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism, regulates the nervo-humoral system, improves the immune function. Can be used as auxiliary therapy on the following disease (approved by SFDA and proved by extensive clinical applications and research carried out in China ):

    Internal medicine: bronchitis; asthma; gastritis; ulcers; hepatitis; constipation; diarrhea;
    Surgery: wound infection and healing;
    Orthopaedics: soft tissue sprains; muscular pain; arthritis;
    Skin disease: herpes zoster; eczema; dermatitis; burns; bedsore; frostbite;
    Gynecology: pelvic inflammation;
    Paediatrics: paediatric pneumonia; mumps;

    Elderly: Improves microcirculation and the immune system;  disease prevention
    Women: Promotes female hormone secrete, improves skin micro-circulation and beauty care.
    Children: Improves the immune system, enhances the nutrition absorption and digestion,
    Young: Promotes the metabolism, replenishes energy and relieves fatigue

    Zhoulin WS-111 Bio-spectrum Treatment Device €1 099,00

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