Hwato SDZ-III Digital Electronic Acupuncture stimulator, new mod
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    Hwato SDZ-III Digital Electronic Acupuncture stimulator, new mod
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    Hwato SDZ-III Digital Electronic Acupuncture stimulator, new mod

    Price: €169,00 (including 19 % tax)


    Latest Hwato SDZ III model up-grade from the year 2017.

    The SDZ-III Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument (Nerve and Muscle Simulator) is an advanced electrotherapy unit, featuring 6 output channels which allow a maximum of 12 needles to be stimulated simultaneously. It has a timer and adjustable frequency levels. A computerized digital wave meter makes the treatment easier. Modern micro computer technology is combined with Traditional Chinese and Meridian Theory. The device is used for applying low frequency pulses to stimulate acupoints of the human body. It may be used to apply an electrical current to electrodes on the patient's skin to treat pain (TENS) and can be used in combination with acupuncture needles. The power output (micro-current intensity) is adjustable to suite patient's condition and tolerance. The unit is powered by 9V DC batteries or the accompanying AC adapter.

    Comparison of the old and new Hwato SDZ III model:

    1. A large screen display allows to check the parameters in a more intuitive and accurate way. The mode, frequency, time, the output state are seen at a glance

    2. The operation is more convenient and flexible. The mode button, frequency knob and time knobs are integrated into one key. The operating interface is simple and more convenient to use.

    3. It is easily possible to restore the default parameters automatically.

    4. The last treatment parameters are automatically saved for next time.

    5. The sleep function allows to save up to 25% electricity. The instrument will automatically enter the sleep state after more than 3 minutes without any operation.

    Technical Specifications

    Output channels: 6 channels

    Output pulse shape, asymmetric bidirectional pulse wave

    Power source: D9VC batteries (not included) or AC 230-240V

    Input power: 10.0 VA

    Maximum pulse power: 0.3 VA (250 Ω load)

    Output pulse frequency: 1 ~ 100 hz, adjustable

    Working pattern:

    Continuous wave modes or discontinuous wave work modes: 15 s, 5 s

    Dilatational wave work mode: thin wave frequency and the ratio of the dense wave frequency is 1:5, thin wave 5 s work, 10 s

    Output current limit: less than or equal to 10 ma, 250 Ω load)

    Output dc component: 0

    Size: 210 mm * 100 mm * 300 mm

    Weight: 1 kg (including battery, not supplied)


    6 pieces of output electrode wires

    6 pairs of skin electrode (size:50mm×50mm)

    6 pairs of filiform needle-electrode (metal clamp),(size:<=28mm)

    AC adapter (Batteries are not supplied.)

    Chinese and English instructions for use.

    Made by Hwato in China.

    Hwato SDZ-III Digital Electronic Acupuncture stimulator, new mod €169,00

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