Tiger Balm, Jade Tower, white, 3g
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    Tiger Balm, Jade Tower, white, 3g
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    Tiger Balm, Jade Tower, white, 3g

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    There is white and red Tiger Balm. Both ointments contain the same active ingredients based on medicinal plants but in different concentrations.

    Ingredients: menthol, peppermint oil, camphor, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, soft paraffin, hard paraffin.

    Due to its high cineol content cajeput oil improves the blood circulation and acts as expectorant.
    Peppermint oil is an antibacterial agent and transfers a cooling and soothing effect.
    Camphor also promotes the blood circulation and relieves muscle pains caused mainly by rheumatic problems.
    Clove oil mainly acts as anti-inflammatory agent. It renders a natural local anesthetic effect. It also supresses viruses and bacteria.
    Menthol stimulates the coldness receptors of the skin. This creates a cooling effect, hich leads to a local anesthetic and pain relief. Menthol also has an antibacterial effect.
    In addition, Tiger Balm contains herbal extracts that enhance the effect of its main ingredients.

    Red Tiger Balm renders a warming, relaxing and soothing effect. The Red Tiger Balm is primarily used in case of muscle and joint pains. It can be also be applied in case of rheumatic problems, arthritis, sciatica, back pain, lumbago, bruises, sprains, muscle strains and other sports injuries. Furthermore it is used as a preventive measure to warm up the muscles before an exercise.

    White Tiger Balm is especially effective for colds and flu-related symptoms. It makes sense to massage regularly the chest and the back in case of coughing and phlegm problems. If breathing is difficult, rubbing repeatedly a small amount of white tiger balm under the nostrils onto the skin  would bring  relief. The essential oils will clear the stuffy nose. Since colds are very often associated with joint problems, White Tiger Balm liniments will be helpful.

    Both the white and the red tiger balm are also effective against skin itching and swelling of the skin after insect bites in the summer season.

    Precaution: Only for external use. Avoid contract with the eyes.

    Tiger Balm, Jade Tower, white, 3g €1,89

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